To capture Brett in a word or two is something we would love to have the language skills to do. Brett being an advocate of simple, honest, straight forward talk…would appreciate.

What we can start with are simple facts about Brett. His birth date 2/6/1973, he was employed at Euro Brokers, as a Swaps Specialist on the 84th floor (South Tower) in the World Trade Center. He was the first born son of three children, and at the time of his death lived in NYC.

What we can tell you without reservation is that Brett was warmly regarded by the widest cross section of people, more than anyone we know. He was born on Cape Cod, spent his younger years on the North Shore of Long Island, and his high school (Seton Hall Prep)/early adult years along the NJ Shore.

His engaging smile, adventurous spirit, loyal friendship and ready hospitality endeared him equally and effortlessly to many walks of life. Children and seniors, the loved and the unloved, the radiant and the plain, but mostly there were the significant souls in between. His wide reach of friendships was driven by his broad interests and hobbies, which included snowboarding, fishing, surfing, and golf.

The robust and colorful attendance at his memorial service best illustrated the reach and impact a single life of only 28 years can have. So with the fondest of memories we extract the very best recollections of Brett. Allowing the life loving, life sharing, spine tickling, God inspired principles that he cared so much about, to be reflected in the mission and action of The Brett T Bailey Foundation.

In closing, what we want to say is something all who knew him, share in saying:

“Thanks for the richness of time together.”